A Steiner Education: Academic, Purposeful & Artistic

We are now regularly holding tours for prospective parents for 2023 and beyond. Most of our visitors have limited experience and understanding of what a Steiner Education is all about and why it is different. It is with great pride that I am able to tell these families about our wonderful and distinctive education programs at Orana. 

A research project was commissioned by Steiner Education Australia and published in November 2021 titled: “Australian Steiner Graduate Outcomes: Academic, Purposeful & Artistic”. It examined what students had to say about their own Steiner Education experience, as well as the outcomes they achieved at School and at a tertiary (university) level. Not only did the overwhelming majority of graduates from Steiner Schools speak glowingly about their overall experience as a student, they spoke positively about their academic achievements. 

The research project looked at how attending a Steiner School influenced the graduates’ schooling, university outcomes and experiences. The study found that students who attended a Steiner School demonstrated:

  • Stronger motivation and interest levels in learning;
  • Greater engagement with social and moral issues in society;
  • Higher levels of creativity and independence in learning;
  • Stronger research skills and better university outcomes (lower dropout rates);
  • More positive self-esteem, confidence, creativity and tolerance;
  • More positive relationships with teachers;
  • Higher attendance levels at university.

Add to this the many other benefits of a Steiner Education, and its comforting to know that our children are being well prepared for a complex and challenging world beyond school.


We are currently conducting many enrolment interviews for students of all grades. Our regular tours are becoming well subscribed to and we are seeing pleasing interest in places for 2023 in particular. Can I please encourage you to speak with those you know who may be considering Orana Steiner School for their children’s education, and have them contact us to learn about what Orana has to offer. This will assist us greatly with our planning for 2023 enrolments and beyond.

I trust that your children have had a great start to Term 3, 2022 and that you all are able to stay safe and healthy.

Geoffrey Fouracre – Principal