Class 3 Play

Every year, there is a time when each class stops the regular routine of Main Lesson blocks and is immersed in preparation for a class play. This is an important part of the Steiner curriculum and each play specifically relates to the content of that grade’s curriculum.

For students, this is when what they’re learning truly comes to life. It may be historical or cultural, and it relates to what they have been learning in the classroom. Both of our plays followed the Class 3 theme of Ancient Hebrews. Our plays not only reflect, but truly intensify what we seek to impart to our students. Children get to know new sides of themselves as they learn to empathise and gain an understanding with the characters in the story that they might not have connected with in other modes of learning.

Once the roles are identified, the students work on their lines and start to become different characters. There are so many benefits of doing this kind of work, the main one being teamwork. It has been wonderful to see the children helping each other with their character development and also assisting one another with learning their lines. This past week, we have watched the children work towards mastering their recorder piece. They have been helping each other with the more challenging parts and imparting encouraging words. Both classes have put in so much time and effort into their plays. All of their hard work is paying off as they work towards performing in front of an audience.

Shelby and Lynne — Class 3 Teachers