From the Principal – Week 8 Term 4

Graduation Day

Congratulations to the Class 12 Graduates. On Monday we farewelled our Graduates in an assembly where they were individually honoured by staff members and the Class 11 cohort. Class 1 and Class 6 delivered performances around our theme of a STAR this year. The High School sang a beautiful farewell song and the students received handmade candles from Class 1 children, pens and the traditional gumnut babies. In the near future, many of our Graduates will have a range of FIRST experiences including further study, work, travel and the incredible freedom and a lack of structure that mark this time of transition into life beyond school.  We hope that we have given them the time, space, creativity, skill and inspiration to always be able to learn whatever they wish to learn, to know themselves well, to have a developing deep sense of their destiny and of their many possible life-pathways, and ultimately, to come to know their own true purpose and place in the world, with a sense of comfort and confidence, for now and forever. We were blessed to have had you within our midst and we bless you as you depart.

Christmas Festival and Markets

Next Tuesday evening we have our Christmas Festival in the Overture. As a family or for staff members it is a great way to wind down together and sing a few traditional carols and begin to enjoy the Christmas festivities. Our P&F are holding our final community markets of the year next Wednesday with a Christmas theme, we hope you and your children can join us.

Bridge Crossings

This week we celebrated our Class 7 Bridge Crossing in the High School gardens and next week we will celebrate our Class 6 Bridge Crossing.

Each of these moments provides that special opportunity for the children, the teachers and the parents and guardians to reflect.

What comes before each ceremony are years of growth and learning that develops each child into the person they are, at that milestone. For the many stories, songs, poems, drawings, paintings, maths and science concepts, sport, games, woodwork, camps and many more besides, thank you. 

During the time at school, as in life, there are ups and downs, highs and lows, excitement and boredom, social, emotional and physical issues that strengthen and challenge each child. It is as it needs to be! These experiences must happen in a safe place like a school, so that at the end of the day, our children have resilience, strength of will, creativity and thinking minds that can serve the world well.