Greetings from Kindergarten – Stuck in the Mud

In Kindergarten, we value the opportunity for the children to experience the real world of work. Which is why they are involved in food preparation, fixing broken play equipment like play frames, and helping replace the soft fall under the swings by using their boundless energy (known as ‘will’ in Steiner Education) with rakes and shovels. So, when an opportunity arises to experience a real-life problem, we embrace it. 

This week, our wonderful grounds team was preparing the ground between our Bluebell and Rosewood campuses, and the children were fascinated to see Nick move the tractor purposefully backwards and forwards to try and level the ground. After all the rain we have had, the inevitable happened – the tractor became stuck in the mud! Which presented itself as a perfect learning opportunity. 

From a safe distance, those who were interested climbed up on the fence and watched Nick and Jason try various ways of getting the tractor out of the mud. It was wonderful for the children to experience adults struggling with a problem, persevering, and overcoming, and after 20 minutes or so of diligent effort – Eureka! The tractor was out of the mud and on we went with our day. It is common for educators to see children playing out the experience they have witnessed in their own play, which is how we educators know that the experiential learning has been internalised.

Tracy & Rowena – Kindergarten Teachers