High School and Senior College Deputy Report – Week 8

This term, our students have continued to be busy in class and with various incursions and excursions, including: the German Film Festival for Years 8, 9 and 10; the Years 9 and 10 Drama Performance; Regional and ACT Cross Country; the Winter Festival (lead by Year 7); Year 8 Japanese, Aikido and Japanese Martial Arts School; and Senior College, Blochaus (bouldering).

Orana has had many successful High School Tours, and I’m grateful for the interest from the broader community, and the community within the High School and Senior College. Thank you to everyone who is speaking positively of the School.

If you would like to find out more on what our High School and Senior College offer, we will be conducting further High School Tours throughout Term 3. Additionally, an information evening will be held for our Orana parents and community on Thursday 21 July at 6.00pm in the Overture building. We look forward to seeing you there and answering any questions you may have.

This term, we have been fortunate to have a few ‘Prac’ teaching students join the School from the University of Canberra. It has been a great experience for these students to participate in, and experience the unique education of a Steiner School, and to develop their knowledge in teaching with our professional Staff.

I would like to congratulate all the students for the way they have applied themselves so readily to their studies over the semester. I hope that all our students can take on feedback from teachers that will be provided in the end of semester report and will continue to improve next semester.