High School and Senior College Report – Week 4

The completion of Week 4 has seen High School and Senior College students faced with an increased number of assessments. At Orana Steiner School, we recognise that whilst some students are thriving, others may be struggling particularly more so at this point in the term.

Our guardians are aware of this and have been working with parents and students to provide strategies that improve communication, collaboration, and self-management skills as we near the end of semester. Schoolbox is an essential tool for keeping on top of tasks that are due. Our guardians have been working on these term planners in the classrooms to remind students of upcoming tasks that require attentive organisation.

Main Lesson 5 has begun this week and we would like to remind parents that the reports for previous Main Lessons are available on Schoolbox.

Last week, new elective rotations begun for Years 6 to 8. Life in the school is busy, and looking more like times before Covid, which is refreshing. We have had lots of incursions and camps. It has been wonderful to celebrate students’ success in the ARTS area with our Senior College Drama Performance, The Mousetrap and Sarah Moss’ Art Exhibition. We are looking forward to more events and celebrations as the term continues. It was wonderful to see parents at our recent Senior College Information evening. We will soon be having an internal High School information evening and we hope to see more of you all.

Stay in touch. Life’s not always smooth sailing for children of any age. Family circumstances change. Friends move away. Illness happens. Mental health challenges can hit anyone at any time. These changes affect learning.

Please make sure to keep guardians up to date with significant changes or difficulties that your child may be experiencing, so they can accommodate to your child’s emotional and learning needs at school.