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Where creative artistry and
practical experience meet
academic excellence.

Inspiring creative and flexible thinking, resilience, and an enthusiasm to engage in life.

An Independent Pre-School to Year 12 Education

Orana is an independent, co-educational school offering children a seamless Pre-School to Year 12 education recognised by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Orana is a caring school where students learn social responsibility through a rich balance of academic, artistic and practical learning experiences as they grow and connect with the people and natural world surrounding them. The School’s mainstream education is distinctly different with its rigorous curriculum that encourages deeper, real-world learning, leading to engaged learning and academic success.

Early Childhood

Orana Steiner School’s Early Childhood Program for children aged three to five lays the foundation for physical health and vitality; for wonder and an interest in the world; for the inner readiness to learn and discover the world through personal experiences; and for the ability to have meaningful relationships.

Primary School

Once children turn six they begin Kindergarten, which provides a more structured routine than Early Childhood to prepare them to achieve their personal goals with enjoyment as they continue their education, building strong relationships with teachers and friends before moving into Year 1 once they turn seven. Now that their minds are primed, formal instruction in reading and writing begins. As a result of waiting until the children are ready, they feel less anxious and are empowered to conquer lesson time.

At Orana, we believe inclusivity, agile-thinking, problem-solving, flexibility and collaboration are important skills students need to learn if they are to thrive in a challenging world. It’s why our Steiner-trained teachers are passionate about providing a mainstream education with a distinct and positive difference, helping and guiding students towards positive future pathways with a sense of purpose.

High School & Senior College

High School at Orana Steiner School has a demonstrated history of academic success which stems from a rigorous curriculum that encourages deeper, more enjoyable real-world learning that engages students to reach their full potential, guiding them towards their future with a sense of purpose and direction. From Year 7 in High School, young people want to be citizens of the modern world, so their learning is woven around this drive. They want to understand what the world is about and are fascinated with power and strengths. Orana helps nurture this desire for information and ensures students are prepared for a wider world and further education.

The Senior College curriculum is comprehensive and carefully designed to balance the Steiner philosophy with the requirements stipulated by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies. An inclusive education in Years 11 and 12 at Orana Steiner School inspires students to grow into confident, capable, and creative young people where further education is seen as an exciting prospect not a daunting one.  Orana consistently achieves outstanding results for university entrance (ATAR), placing it amongst the top schools in the ACT.

What our Orana alumni say

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