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Kindergarten in Primary School

The gentle transition to Kindergarten at Orana is characterised by strong relationships with teachers and a calm and nurturing environment.

The Kindergarten day is designed around a predictable daily rhythm which provides children with structure and security, guiding them in containing and exerting energy until such a time that it comes naturally to them to do so.

Here we introduce the children to reading and writing through the Synthetic Phonics Program, an evidence-based approach to teaching children in Years K-6 to read. It’s recognised by research bodies as the ‘Gold Standard’ of literacy programs and is a highly structured skills-based way of matching a letter combination or individual letter with its appropriate sound, making it easier for young children to learn to read. We are integrating this with a focus on Steiner pedagogy and philosophy so that we maintain our play-based learning approach in this year level, while responding to best practice and educational research.

In Kindergarten children are taught both German and Japanese languages orally through song and games, Library, Music, and Handwork as year-long programs, run by specialist teachers. For more information about Orana, please download a Prospectus or book a tour below.

Aside from lessons, Orana also has two qualified School Counsellors who will support our students and families across the school, and also work closely with our Learning Support team and Teachers.


Within a balanced environment that values both ‘breathing in’ and ‘breathing out’, students undertake the ACARA-approved Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework and are guided in pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills that complement a focus on imaginative and creative play.

Our Kindergarten is attuned to the developmental needs of the six-year-old child; a time when healthy foundations for Year 1 and beyond are laid.

Kindergarten Teachers at Orana are qualified and experienced in Steiner philosophy. They are passionate and dedicated in their provision of a safe and caring space for children to grow into capable and kind individuals.