The gentle transition to Kindergarten at Orana is characterised by strong relationships with teachers and a calm and nurturing environment.

The Kindergarten day is structured around a predictable daily rhythm which provides children with structure and security, guiding them in containing and exerting energy until such a time that it comes naturally to them to do so.

Within a balanced environment that values both ‘breathing in’ and ‘breathing out’, students undertake the ACARA-approved Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework and are guided in pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills that complement a focus on imaginative and creative play.

Our Kindergarten is attuned to the developmental needs of the six-year-old child; a time when healthy foundations for Year 1 and beyond are laid.

Kindergarten Teachers at Orana are qualified and experienced in Steiner philosophy and pedagogy. They are passionate and dedicated in their provision of a safe and caring space for children to grow into capable and kind individuals.

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