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Specialist Programs

At Orana, there are dedicated programs designed to encourage creativity and developmental learning for all students. Music plays a huge part in Steiner education and every child progresses their music skills as they progress through the years. Sport programs are also offered as part of our Specialist Programs and help foster leadership skills.

Art and Design

Orana invites students to engage their head, heart and hands as they approach and understand Arts and Design technologies in the classroom. We challenge our students with Music, Drama, Visual Arts and both traditional and emerging technologies.
Using traditional and contemporary methods of constructing designed and artistic forms, students are exposed to complex and diverse methods of making and performing, resulting in one of the most holistic educations possible.
As students progress from Primary to High School, they will also experience Textiles, Woodwork, Metalwork, Outdoor Classroom activities, Food Technology, and Information Technology as well as looking deeper into Visual Arts, Art History and Design Technology.

Music Education Program

In Steiner education, music is linked to the developmental level of the student. All students sing and play instruments, beginning with pentatonic recorders and classroom percussion instruments and progressing to full ensemble, orchestral and choral experience.

It is recognised that the requirements of music tuition change as the students grow and learn. Orana Steiner School delivers an innovative and integrated Music Education Program to all students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

In Primary School, class teachers, with the support of music specialists, sing and play instruments with their class. The repertoire comprises music appropriate to topics being studied in Literacy, Numeracy, History, Geography and Science. Classroom orchestras promote social bonds and extend students’ practical experiences.

As students progress through Primary into High School, student skill and awareness of how music is constructed at a theoretical level deepens. Composition, improvisation, music history, research and analysis are undertaken at levels appropriate to individual development.

In High School, lessons incorporate ensemble classes, choirs, voluntary orchestras and bands, string program tuition and optional individual instrumental lessons with expert teachers. Many performance opportunities are offered, ranging from solo studio concerts to the series of public Twilight Concerts and the annual Gala Concert.

Sports Program

The Orana Steiner School Physical Education and Sport Programs aim to improve student engagement, concentration, behaviour and physical health, as well as academic performance.

During games, students observe, analyse and perform. They learn to recognise strengths and limitations, plan tactics and strategies, evaluate and make informed decisions to improve.

Students are given the opportunity to develop control, precision and fluency in a range of activities and must work collectively – helping, listening, supporting and communicating in order to achieve as a group. Students are free to step into leadership roles and take on responsibility.