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High School

High School begins in Year 7 and students study a full range of subjects including Humanities, Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, Arts, Design, Physical and Health Education. Subjects such as Creative Writing, Poetry, Medieval History, Geography, Physics, Astronomy, and Geology, are also studied in much more depth, meaning children are further prepared for High School and are excited to learn at Orana.

The High School teaching program assists students in taking increasing responsibility for their own learning and to develop their own ideals, values and sense of purpose for adult life. The High School encourages students to become independent thinkers; use their own observations, research, and draw conclusions and judgements; form relationships with specialist teachers; address questions and problems in specialist subjects, and to develop a wide range of expertise as well as an active, articulate and well-rounded thinking capacity. For more information, download a prospectus or book a tour below.


Early High School Years

In the early High School years, students are encouraged to be citizens of the modern world and learning is woven around this drive. At this time in their lives, when some find it difficult to focus, students are supported to direct their energies constructively.

Middle High School Years

During the middle High School years, students look at how things came to form as we see them today. The question ‘why?’ figures in their thinking as they challenge conventional practices in developing existential wisdom to guide their life paths. At the conclusion of Year 10, students move into Years 11 and 12 within the Senior College