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Early Childhood

Our aim is to provide an education that will inspire students to achieve to the best of their individual ability, work creatively and become aware of themselves as spiritual beings who will contribute positively to global social change.

The School’s vision is to:

  • Encourage a lifelong love of learning
  • Respect the growing child and their stages of development
  • Provide a supportive environment for spiritual development
  • Strive for balance between academic, artistic and practical learning experiences
  • Foster an understanding of the human being as informed by Rudolf Steiner
  • Encourage self-confidence in students
  • Inspire a healthy respect for and responsibility toward themselves, each other and the environment.

The Orana Steiner School Early Childhood Program lays the foundation for physical health and vitality, for wonder in the world, for the inner readiness to learn and discover through personal experiences, for the ability to have meaningful relationships, and for lifelong physical, emotional and intellectual development.

Our Early Childhood Program consists of Preschool and Pre-Preschool children, aged 3-5 years. There are two dedicated Preschool classes and mixed Pre-Preschool classes. All classes are led by qualified Early Childhood Teachers.

Children are immersed in the natural environment daily, engaging in nature walks, self-directed play in our extensive gardens and the celebration of Orana’s surroundings.

The Early Childhood Program leads directly into the Kindergarten Program and lays the foundation for Primary School learning. For more information about Orana, please download a prospectus.


The Orana Steiner School Playgroup creates a warm, nurturing environment for children aged 0-4 years. It offers parents the opportunity to meet fellow parents in a friendly, caring, and inclusive place.

Activities include inside and outside free-play, baking, singing, story, morning tea and seasonal craft activities.

We strive to achieve a healthy balance between the social needs of the adults and an awareness of what is happening around the children. By bringing children together in such a way, we prepare them for school by giving them the opportunity to play with others of similar ages.

At Orana we have five Playgroups sessions (Tuesday to Friday at 9.15am – 11.45am) for children aged 0-4 years to attend with their parent or carer. Parents can attend one session per week.

Term fees

Child and parent/Carer Each additional sibling over 18 months old
Term 2 (9 Weeks) $315 $45
Term 3 (10 Weeks) $350 $50
Term 4 (9 Weeks) $315 $45

Please note: In the event that you are not able to attend a playgroup session, you will be offered a “makeup” session in the last 3 weeks of term. This is limited to one make up session per fee paying child, per family.

For further information, please contact:

Transition from Home

Transition from home is made with love and care by providing a homelike atmosphere in the rooms. The children are encouraged to learn by imitation and habit, allowing them to digest their experiences in a largely unconscious way. In practice, teaching is by example and is integrated and holistic rather than subject-based.

The nature of this experiential learning encourages the children to be self-motivated, allowing them to come to know the world in the most age-appropriate way. The environment is ordered, clean, natural and organic and is set up in a way to safeguard healthy play.

Good habits of behaviour cultivated in the early years become the foundation for learning in Primary School and beyond.

In kindergarten, teachers aim to enrich the children’s oral language and provide opportunities for them to develop social awareness through encouraging respectful interactions. They also help the children develop their senses and motor movement towards gaining autonomy and independence in all they do. The children are involved daily in domestic activities such as cooking and baking, gardening, laundry and cleaning, creating and caring for the materials in the room. These activities are adjusted to the needs and capabilities of every child.