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Fee Payment Plans

Orana has partnered with Edstart to help families manage school fee payments. Edstart enables you to make monthly, fortnightly or even weekly zero interest payments.

There are no transaction fees or interest charges with using Edstart Plus and it is simply there to help you worry less about the things you can’t control. Create your payment plan using the fee calculator. Once you’ve completed the application process, Edstart will contact you to finalise the set-up of your account.

Parents applying for an Edstart Plus account will benefit from no credit checks, zero interest and the ability to make regular instalment payments. To apply, please visit:

Fee Calculator

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments can be made through Edstart. Calculate a payment plan for your school fees below, and click "Create Plan" to set-up your Edstart account:

The estimates this calculator provides are indicative of the current year's fee schedule