2023 ANU STEM Challenge

Australian National University STEM Challenge now open!

Click the link to register: https://science.anu.edu.au/engagement/community-outreach-stem-boxes/2023-stem-challenges

  • Challenges will run from 3- 30 October 2023.
  • Students need to register to participate.
  • Every Monday, challenges will be released by email to all registrants. Students will have one week to complete each challenge(s), with answers/photos due on Sunday of the same week.
  • Each of the challenges will draw on a different element of STEM and may require you to take photos, answer questions or build/design something to complete the challenge.
  • Each week, there will be multiple challenges with different STEM topics released, students can choose to do one or all of them.

Age groups

  • 10 – 12-year-old
  • 13 – 15-year-old
  • 16 – 18-year-old
  • Other age groups

Please register through the website below and also email Nathalie Ross – Nathalie.ross@oranaschool.com with the name of the child registered.