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Surviving Main Lesson and a trip to the Mint

Surviving Main Lesson

In Outdoor Classroom this term, Class Three have been using their knowledge from the Shelters Main Lesson, as well as their knot tying and sawing skills to build outdoor survival shelters. They have worked with great enthusiasm and determination and the shelters are almost finished. Some of the groups have built A-frame shelters while others have used the environment around them such as logs or fences to help support their roofs. All the shelters are quite strong however it remains to be seen if they pass the bucket of water test…

A trip to the Mint

In week 10, Class 3 went to the Mint as a follow up from our Money main lesson last term. We were impressed to find they still remembered a lot about Australia’s money.

Students were given presentations about the history of Australian coins and the role of the mint in producing coins. 

They explored the displays showcasing the evolution of Australian coins, rare and valuable coins, and historical artifacts related to coinage. These displays provide interesting insights into the country’s numismatic history. The colonial Holy Coins were of particular interest.

The highlight of the trip was a guided tour of the minting facility. Students are taken through various stages of the coin production process. They were quite amazed by and covetous of the barrels of coins.

Our guide Alexander wanted to commend the school. He said our students were reading and comprehending better than the many cohorts of Year 6 students that had been visiting. He was impressed by their questions and knowledge, and above all behaviour and manners. He said they were by far, the best group he has taken (he is a very experienced guide) and surpassed much older year levels.