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Primary School – Week 6, Term 1

As we enter the cooler days at the beginning of Autumn, a subtle change can be felt across the Primary School campus. We are six weeks into our first Term of 2023, and the rhythm and hum of imaginative learning, collaboration and friendship is evident in every learning and playground spaces. Our youngest students in Kindergarten and Class 1 are settling into their beautiful Bluebell and Acacia campuses, while our Class 2, 3 and 4 students are negotiating with the natural push-pull dynamic that comes with sharing a playground, cubbies and handball courts. Our older students in the Amphitheatre campus are stretching their wings and building future skills for working and learning alongside our High School and Senior College students. This was no more evident than at our recent Class 5-12 Swimming Carnival, which was a fun day out for our Upper Primary students who all experienced the electric buzz of their first carnival of the year together with the older students. All our students, some with trepidation, took the opportunity to dress up in their house colours, show up for events and races, cheer their classmates along the sidelines and enjoy the unstructured activities on the water slides. Of course, events such as these would not be possible without the dedicated and tireless work of the teachers who motivate, support and encourage our students to always strive to do their best.

In our younger grades, our sense of community building starts with the youngest children. In Kindergarten, our students are learning how to share their play spaces fairly with their classmates and experiencing giving back to their community through ‘good deeds’ when choices don’t always align with the laws of the land. Our new Class 1 students have just this week met their Class 4 buddies for the first time, an event that will surely be cemented in their hearts and minds for many years to come. Class 1 will continue to be the little buddies until they, in turn, become the big buddies for the new Class 1 students when they reach Class 4. Our Class 3 students have also been busy working, learning and playing in the Class 3 gardens and the Orchard behind Orana as part of their Outdoor Classroom program. Giving back to the community, respecting our natural and living environment, and showing gratitude for the earth’s bounty is just one way that our students celebrate the season of Autumn. As we begin preparations for our Harvest Festival celebrations at the end of the term, I encourage all our students and families to make time over the coming weeks to find ways to build daily moments of reflection and gratitude into our daily lives.

A few reminders about the week ahead:

  • School Photos will be taken on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 March
  • NAPLAN commences for students in Classes 3-5 in the Primary School (Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 March)

Sharaine Talip – Acting Deputy Principal / Head of Primary School K-6