From the Principal – Week 6 Term 1

P & F Welcome Picnic

Great weather. Great vibe. Great community of children and parents. Thank you, P & F team, for organising last Friday’s picnic and thank you to our Senior students who assisted with some games on the oval for the younger children.

Swimming Carnival

A big thank you to all the staff and Senior College students involved in the Swimming Carnival last Thursday, particularly Mike who coordinated the day. The weather was perfect and lots of fun was had with the many activities throughout the day, swimming races, novelties, dress ups, chants in house colours and the slides. It was wonderful to have the carnival up and running after a couple years’ hiatus. 

Year 9 Camp and Year 10 Work Experience

The School’s camping program is well underway with our Class 9 students at ‘Ingelara Farm’ this week. Class 9 have had a Farm Stay Camp that tied in with the Developmental Geography Main Lesson. Students are working on amixed and biodynamic farm. Students were able to carry out authentic farming activities and experience their environment without danger or disruption from machinery. Students also had the opportunity to get close to farm animals. TheFarming Program aims to help students build a connection to the cycles of food production, an awareness of the social and health benefits of farming, and the delights of eating nutritious foods. This camp continues the cycle from Class 3 where students have previously enjoyed day excursions and an overnight excursion at Ingelara.

Class 10 students have had the opportunity this week to join the work force through our Work Experience Program. The school has received lots of positive feedback from many workplaces on the outstanding work ethic, professionalism and enthusiasm of our Class 10 students.

These authentic experiences enable students to develop their practical and social skills, and build self-reliance and confidence in their abilities. They learn the importance of working together to solve problems and complete tasks through realising the unique contribution of each class member.

Safety Request

The school implores everyone to act safely and urges caution about using the Amphitheatre car park and more generally all pick up areas in the school.

Everyone is acutely aware of the lack of parking areas at peak times for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon. It is the same at most schools in Canberra. Please, please give safety a chance!

With gratitude to a valuable community for our children. May we all remain steadfast and well.